As a Maker Connect member, you will connect your Shopify store with Local Makers Hub! These instructions will guide you through the step-by-step process. 

Once you have started your Maker Connect membership, you will get a new menu added to the configuration menu of your Maker Dashboard (aka Seller Panel). 

To make the product sync features work, you first need to create a private app on  your Shopify store. Then, you will get all the app details to be configured for syncing  products with the Local Makers Hub store.

How do I create a private app? 

To create a private app, visit the “Apps” section of your Shopify store. Then, scrolling down to the bottom, you will get the “Manage Private Apps” option. Click  on it to create a new private app. 

Now, Click on the “Create a new private app” button to create app, assign permissions and generate API credentials on saving the details. 

Here, You need to mention the Name of your private app (enter LMHWebkul), an Email ID used to contact the developer regarding the app in the App  Details section (enter 

Now, Prior to the generation of the API Credentials, you need to add certain permissions for the data that your private app will access. Go to the Admin  API section and enable those actions which are necessary to work for your private  app.

After that, don’t forget to enable the checkbox to allow access for your private app from the “Storefront API” section. 

Important Note: It is mandatory to access permission to the entities to make them work for the app. Enable the all permissions as required for the app.

Storefront API: 

Enable these two permissions for the Customer Order Management App (as shown in the screenshot below): 

1. Read products, variants, and collections 

2. Read and modify customer details

Please make sure that you have enabled the API permission for visitors to access product tags, customer tags, checkouts, articles, blogs and comments as shown in below screenshot: 

Once done, click on the save button and further proceed to create the app.

After you create the private app, you will need the below information. Open a new tab in your browser and open the Local Makers Hub Maker Dashboard. 

Maker Dashboard (aka Seller Panel) 

You will to login to your seller dashboard to configure the app details. 

Seller Panel>>Configuration>>Seller Sync App Configuration>>Configure Details>>Save.

Copy and paste the information from Shopify into these fields: 

As soon as the details are configured, you will get an option to import your Shopify store products to the Local Makers Hub store.

Import Products from Your Shopify Store 

Now, clicking on the “Import Products” button, you can import products from your Shopify store to the Local Makers Hub Shopify store. 

Seller will have three methods to import products:

1st Method: Choose a Date Range & import products that are created in between the entered range. 

2nd Method: Import products by comma-separated product IDs. 

3rd Method: Import products by product handle.