As a Maker Connect member, you will connect your Etsy store with Local Makers Hub! These instructions will guide you through the step-by-step process.

First navigate to the Configuration menu of the Seller Dashboard. 

Clicking on the “Etsy Configuration“, you need to enter your Etsy store’s details such as Etsy Shop Name, API key, and Secret key. 

NOTE: You can get your Etsy store name from the “Accounts” section of your Etsy Store. Login as Etsy Seller>>You (at the upper right corner)>>View Profile>>Get the  Store Name.

How to find API your & Secret Key 

To get the API key and Secret key, you need to login to your Etsy Store and “Create  An App” using Developer Account.  You can get here by clicking here AFTER you are logged into your Etsy account: Home - Etsy Developers 

Once you create the app, click on the created app to get the API and Secret Key details. 

You can copy the API and Secret key from here and paste it in the “Etsy  Configuration” section on the Seller Dashboard.

Once you get the API and Secret Key, you to fill all the details in the Etsy Configuration section of the Seller Dashboard. 

Once you configure your Etsy Store’s details, you can start importing products from Etsy to Local Makers Hub. 

Import Products 

As soon as you enter your information, a pink “Import Products” button gets added to the same page. 

Click on the “Import Products” button, and use one of the following methods to import your items to Local Makers Hub: 

Method 1: Using single or comma-separated Listing ID(s) 

Using this method, you need to enter the Listing ID(s) of the products that you want to import and then click on the “Import” button to get those products imported  from Etsy to Local Makers Hub.

To find the Listing IDs for your products, click on each item in your Etsy store, and then copy+paste the ID from the URL (as seen below):

Method 2: Import Products using CSV 

In this method, you can upload a CSV file having a list of all the product’s listing IDs to be imported in bulk. Once uploaded, Validate the file and click on the Submit  button.